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Thursday, August 28, 2014

BabyDragonz Adz

BabyDragonz Adz Info 
 3 Days a week 
Will be done on Mon. Wed. And Fri.
 5 Days a week 
Will be done on Mon. - Fri. 

Will not do ads on Weekends as that is Family time
and will be doing my design stuff.

90+ Facebook groups
50+ Yahoo groups
and my Ad Blog

This is a 30 day deal. I will keep records of who and 
when each person Purchased ads and payment for the next 
month will be due 30 day from that if you wish to continue
service for the next 30 days. 

If something comes up and I am not able to do the ads for
any reason be it a day or a week...Will add those days 
to 30 to make sure you get what you pay for :)

Reasons are usually cause of illness or death in family
Dr. Appointments or other appointments that keep me 
from home.

Send Receipt to so I can get started :)


In all Stores!!


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