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The Face Behind the Mask's so to speak lol!

Hello, My name is Becca aka BabyDragon
I am 37 years young with a wonderful Husband and two wonderful kids.
I work part time, but due to company rules I can not say where online
but will say it is in retail for the "plus size" ladies like myself.
Been married to my soulmate since March 17th, 2018
and have been together almost 5 years but have known each other for 27 years.
I live in LA! Lower Alabama, if you are wondering lol.
I have been tagging now for about 10 years and designing for about 7-8 years.
Been doing tag tutorials off and on for the past 4-5 years.
I decided to start Tutz and Tagz by Babydragon to show off some of my work
in hopes that others may enjoy it. 
Updated 7/28/18


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