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Terms Of Use (updated)

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 All of my kits have the TOU in them. They are 4 Personal use only unless stated otherwise! Now ... 4 the Masks , Templates, Elements and what not, if they are for CU I will state it on there. Tuts... Please link to the TUT itself and do not copy the tag example to use for preview in challenges or what not. These are not to be copied or passed around. Any tut I make is my own and any similarity to others is purely coincidental. Please go by these and do not claim any of it as your own! I do hope you enjoy using all of this as I have enjoyed making it all! These can and probably will be updated from time to time. Please keep a look out to make sure. A copy of my terms of use that I use in kits and what not will be posted here as well and are also subject to change at anytime.

---Just because I have in my TOU CU/PU/S4H/S4O/CU4CU does not mean everything is
that. The preview will always state what the particular item is.

----Commercial Use Items TOU--
--You can resize, colorize and add effects to suit the material to your works.
--Please do not sell my products in there original form.
You may sell them as part of your kits.
--CU Credit was not required but if you use my CU product in tutorials or challenges
please link them to my blog to download. Please do not upload my products and share.

----Personal Use TOU--
--All items are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed under any circumstances.
--Please do not claim these scraps masks, Templates ect. as your own.
--Please do not alter any of them and claim them as your own.
--You may resize or colourize them to suit your projects, tags etc.
--Please do not change the filenames.
--Please do not upload to any website.
-Please give credit and link back to my site:
Designz by Babydragon -
--Please let me know if you are using my scraps in your tutorials by
emailing me at:
--any questions you can contact me by email too

You must purchase my CU4CU lic. in order to use anything for that particular purpose.
In Order for it qualify as CU4CU it has to be changed. You can not use it in its original
form and sale it like that.

You may use my kits in Customized blog that you charge to make.
This does not mean you can take items from my kits and add to your own
kits you make. Nor can you take items and sell as your own.

You may give the layouts you created away to others. Again This does not mean you can
take items from my kits and add to your own kits you make. Nor can you take items and
sell as your own.

When it comes to my Kits whether they are FTU/PTU/PU/ even the S4H/S4O
They ARE NOT to be used in the selling of tags. I will not allow this with ANY
of my kits.
Again DO NOT SHARE! Link back to my blog or to the Store for which Item was sold in.
Also please DO NOT MIX with any other kits, be it mine or any other designer. Most of mine
have a theme sometimes. And other designers usually frown on the mixing of kits.

Any resemblance to another product is strictly
coincidental.  Ideas for my creations may have originated from something
I have seen while surfing the net, but the final products are of my own

You CAN NOT use ANY of the content for any harmful, pornographic, or racial material or
material that may be deemed harmful or offensive to another person
And again please do not share any of my things ftu or ptu please send people to my blog
to get what they want thank you.

Thank you for download and or purchasing my stuff.

For Kits -
The CU items in this kit were purchased/downloaded under good
faith that they are safe and legal to use. If you find an
item that is illegal, please contact me right away, with
proof, so I can remove the items in question and get in
contact with the original designer.

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